From plastic dentures (false teeth) to ceramic crowns Mighty Mouth Dental give you the best possible results with our fully functional in-house dental laboratory complete with the latest denture processing equipment.  We also have our own CAD ceramic crown design center.  This means that the technician and your clinician are able to work more closely towards giving you the best possible result whether it be a plastic denture or full ceramic crowns.


Our dental laboratory technician makes sure that each and every case is treated with the same care and precision necessary to achieve a satisfactory result.


Using our new SR Ivocap denture processing machine assures the patient that they will be getting a high quality, accurate and beautifully finished prosthesis.


Using continuous injection system allows us to attain a level of accuracy required to give your dentures that natural teeth feel.


Our E4D CAD (computer aided design) ceramic design centere and milling machine allows our clinicians and technician to fabricate a ceramic crown, inlay or onlay which is both esthetically and functionally accurate.  This can be done if necessary within a days time.